Project Concept Presentations, July 14th

Participants present their interim project concepts and design directions in an interactive online session via Zoom and Miro on Tuesday, July 14th 10:00 – 13:00.

Students prepared collaborative or solo write-ups or blog posts building on their research and design concepts from their previous assignments to address the crisis contexts they have been investigating. They worked towards proposing project concepts and design directions, including how they would conduct research with stakeholders and participants, design potential concepts, services or technologies, and approach the implementation and assessment of emerging outcomes.

For students taking the course for 3 credits, this is their final deliverable. For others taking the course for 6 credits, this will serve as the basis for the development of extended projects in the 2nd half (July 30 – Sept 1).

Below are the key themes participants chose to tackle, along with their Miro concept boards:

  1. Beyond Resilience: Crisis as an Opportunity for Sustainable, Social Transformation, Miro board by Paulina Matilla, Floris Van der Marel and Tiina Tuulos
  2. Reforming HCD in Relation to Challenges of Contact Tracing Technologies, Miro board by Kiko Chen and Nagadivya Balasubramaniam
  3. How does foreign aid look in Finland?, Miro board, by Martina Dahm
  4. Designing for limited senses, Miro board, by Triin Tint
  5. Socially responsible information design for communicating One Health and zoonoses (private blog post), Miro board by Suvi Hyökki
  6. What would a decolonised world (within design and beyond) look like?, Miro board by Henriette Friis
  7. The Role of Social Media in Times of Crisis, Miro board, by Ozge Raudanjoki
  8. Sustainable ICT Innovation, Miro board by Maimuna Syed
  9. Social Media and AI, Powerful Tools in Crisis Management, Miro board by Ahmed Bin Shafaat
  10. Untitled project and Miro board by Phuong Nguyen

Project concept presentation schedule, Tuesday, July 14th 10:00 – 13:00 (tentative):

Project Concept PresentationsStart TimeDuration (min)
Introduction & Overview10:000:10
Beyond Resilience: Crisis as an Opportunity (Pauliina Matilla, Floris Van der Marel, Tiina Tuulos)10:100:25
Human-Centred Design for Contract Tracing (Kiko Chen and Divya Balasubramaniam)10:350:25
Short Break11:000:05
Rethinking Foreign Aid in Finland (Martina Dahm)11:050:20
Designing for Limited Senses (Triin Tint)11:250:20
Socially responsible information design for communication in crisis (Suvi Hyökki)12:000:20
Wrap-up & Group Discussion12:200:15
End of Session (expected)12:35
PART 3 (off-line review)
For all other projects please provide comments on blog posts, email or slack.

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