Presentation of Project Concepts & Design Directions

The course participants presented their final design directions on July 14, 10:00 – 13:00. The three hours of presentations and live feedback revealed critical design themes and a more clear understanding of the work needed to be done to move them forward. These projects were devised in the previous 6 weeks, with inspiration from presentations by different guest lecturers and a comprehensive literature review.

The second part of the course focuses on Hands-on Project Studios, Ethics and Engagement. We are open to receiving other participants who may bring fresh perspectives to the ongoing discussions and are interested in prototyping and developing working demonstration projects. Participants who have not completed part 1 of the course may still enroll, while we encourage everyone to watch previous video lectures and review recommended readings to come up to speed.

Part 2 begins on July 31 with a Reorientation and Projects Discussion, followed by two lectures on Ethics, Politics & Practices of AI in Society (August 3 and 5), led by Prof. Nitin Sawhney. The rest of the sessions consist of three Participant-led Workshops (August 12, 19 and 26) that would take place both online and offline (at Aalto University) to encourage participatory and civic action. The full schedule of Part 2 can be found here, starting with Week 8.

Participants can continue working on Part 2 on previous topics shared in the Project Concept Presentations session (images from projects below) or newly developed areas of interest:

  • Resilience in Crisis
  • Contact Tracing Technologies
  • Healthcare Experiences
  • Multi-modal and voice interaction
  • Humanitarian Operations & Crisis Informatics
  • Ethical Perspectives in Design for Crisis
From Project: Beyond Resilience: Crisis as an Opportunity for Sustainable, Social Transformation, Miro board by Paulina Matilla, Floris Van der Marel and Tiina Tuulos
From Project: Reforming HCD in Relation to Challenges of Contact Tracing Technologies, Miro board by Kiko Chen and Nagadivya Balasubramaniam

From Project: Designing for limited senses, Miro board, by Triin Tint

From Project: Socially responsible information design for communicating One Health and zoonoses (private blog post), Miro board by Suvi Hyökki


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