Introduction & Reorientation for Course Part 2

Part 2 Introduction & Reorientation (PDF slides)

We welcomed participants back for part 2 of the course on Human-Centred Research and Design in Crisis in an introspective session on July 31. Participants provided feedback and reflected on outcomes emerging in part 1 and plans for lectures and workshops going forward for the rest of the course to have them better aligned with their interests and projects.

Participants also assessed progress on their project concepts and brainstormed ideas for organizing potential workshops. All these were captured in Miro boards; all participants are encouraged to add additional thoughts and suggestions there.

Many participants mentioned that they enjoyed using Miro, liked the participatory approach, flexibility of methods, and diversity of participants and guest speakers. Workshop topics included approaches for decolonizing design, digital tools as an enabler for collaborative projects, purposeful organizational fitness or organizational capacity in crisis, among many others.

To prepare for their workshops, participants will think about the best way to devise topics that engage their peers as well. For their projects, students will create deliverables that can be effectively communicated with stakeholders involved and make their outcomes impactful.

Miro board from intro session for Part 2 of the course

Next week, Prof. Nitin Sawhney presents a series of lectures/workshops beginning with Ethics and Politics of AI in society on Monday, August 3rd. Participants are encouraged to consider workshop sessions they would like to jointly organize (on August 12, 19 or 26) for discussion next week.


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