Workshops Brainstorming Session

Participant-led Workshops Brainstorming Session. Aug 12, 2020 (PDF slides)

In this session on August 12, 10:15 – 11:45 we jointly develop themes for participant-led workshops. These are based in part on the lectures and workshops previously conducted in the course as well as project concept directions presented by participants thus far.

During the session, participants brainstormed together on topics of interest to lead as part of workshops planned in the following two weeks. We use this Miro board to facilitate the discussion on Workshop Topics and Planning.

This activity helps participants prepare for the extended sessions (10:15 – 12:45) on August 19 and 26, in which they pair up to develop and organize workshops.

On August 19th Floris van der Marel, Tiina Tuulos, and Pauliina Mattila are offering a workshop related to their project; they will share additional details on by the end of the week, including a pre-task or suggested readings to review in advance. On August 26th we are excited to have Natalia Villaman leading a session on resistance in design facilitation, unpacking social movements in design, and possible approaches for reframing how we engage in design critically.

We may invite guests to present or share an aspect of their work as part of the workshops or show videos/materials to inspire critical thinking and ideation for issues related to project concepts being developed by participants. Participants plan to document workshop outcomes as summary blog posts thereafter, for ongoing feedback and discussion of the emerging concepts and issues.

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