Participatory Workshop: Purposeful Innovation Skills to Unlock Opportunities in Crises

TIME AND DATE: Wednesday 19th Aug 2020 | 10:15am-12.45pm (FI) / 5:15-7.45pm (AU)

FACILITATORS: Floris van der Marel, Pauliina Mattila, Tiina Tuulos

A preview of some of the workshop outcomes on the collective Miro board

Invitation: Challenges to Opportunities

Workshop context

Transformation and disruption are becoming the norm in our professional and private life. Crisis in particular presents opportunities for change, development and alignment with values and purpose. This session aims to enhance your skills in recognising challenges caused by crisis or disruption, unpacking them in order to reframe them into opportunities. This workshop supports you to develop actionable steps in regards to challenges you are experiencing, which in return contributes to enhancing your resilience.

At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Identified and prioritised challenges as a result of a crisis
  • Unpacked challenges through methods that increase your understanding of root causes
  • Challenges reframed as an opportunities with actionable steps towards creating change

What we’d like from you

We would like to get feedback from you so that we can both further improve this exact workshop, and to develop the next stage – how to transition from unpacking challenges to developing actionable steps towards solutions that are responsible, grounded in equitable value-base. Our aim is to create a universal offering, that can help both individuals and organisations to use transformation as an opportunity for growth and change. 

At the end of this workshop, we’d love to pick your brain regarding:

  • How we might improve the workshop flow, content, language used to support reflecting on the challenges, the process and connection to values 
  • How we might support advancing the steps through reflection grounded in values and purpose

Draft agenda

  • Introduction to the topic and context
  • Working through a set of short activities (done individually and in pairs)
  • Feedback and discussion

Sign up

To join this workshop, please sign up by Monday 17th of August, 4pm (EEST/GMT+3) / 11pm (AEST/GMT+10) by filling in this Google Form: . We will send further details regarding a short pre-task to everyone who have signed up together with links to Zoom and a Miro board.


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