Final Project Presentations

Final Project Presentations (PDF slides)

The Human-Centred Research and Design in Crisis course had its last session on September 2.

The session’s agenda started with a brief summary of the course’s journey, including lectures, participatory workshops and design directions. The two teams then presented their progress and received the audience’s feedback that could further help them move towards their goals. Previous guest lecturers attended the session and offered constructive ideas and approaches for the teams.

The first team, represented by Maimuna and Divya, kicked-off the presentations by sharing their Miro board. Their interest resided in contact tracing, tackling particularly the challenges and progress that contact tracing apps have gained through the current app launched in Finland – Koronavilkku.

All the participants reflected that the inclusiveness of minorities is crucial to the effectiveness of the app. While contact tracing has clearly improved, offering more information to its users and taking a decentralized approach to information gathering, the process of showing the results and how people’s personal information is not yet clear. At the same time, it would be relevant to consider users’ psychological impact when using the app and conduct research to understand how the app affects people’s feelings and decision-making in crisis.

Maimuna & Divya Miro Board exploring Contact Tracing

The second team presented their work for Purposeful Innovation Fitness by sharing their two workshop experiments and insights gained, as well as next steps in their journey to better equip organizations for crisis.

Purposeful Innovation Fitness Presentation, by Floris, Pauliina and Tiina

The first workshop experiment insights was that people increase their agency once they find a time to identify and unpack challenges.

Part of Purposeful Innovation Fitness Presentation, by Floris, Pauliina and Tiina

The second workshop’s learning highlighted that thinking about the future enables more meaningful actions in the present. People crave to be adaptive, but at the same time authentic, therefore bringing personal values to others engages and motivates them.

Part of Purposeful Innovation Fitness Presentation, by Floris, Pauliina and Tiina

As for the next steps, the team continues to explore some questions:

  • What is the world we want to be part of creating? What might enable or hinder us to make this happen?
  • How do our values and purpose manifest through behaviours and action?
  • What impact does this have for the future of work?

The session ended by looking into the future and seeking for opportunities for teams to test their assumptions.

Next, students will write a collaborative write-up and propose a concrete deliverable including learnings from conducting research with stakeholders and participants, design of the concepts, services or technologies involved, addressing critical challenges encountered for implementation and assessing the progress.

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