Final Project Presentations

The Human-Centred Research and Design in Crisis course had its last session on September 2. The session’s agenda started with … More

Skills for the AI future

What skills and capabilities do professionals and leaders need for the future and does ‘AI understanding’ make the list?

Enforcing Ethics

The use of artificial intelligence is exponentially growing as the world further digitizes. As addressed in the lectures, as all … More

Evolution of ICT ethics

In this blogpost, I like to highlight the history of ethics relating to ICT in order to highlight their importance … More

Purposeful Innovation Fitness as a Vehicle to Unlock Opportunities in Crises

In this article, we outline our quest to explore how design approach can be enhanced by incorporating more elements of resilience and genuine reflection, to support professionals to imagine and create futures that are better for themselves, their organisations, and society at large.

Sustainable ICT Innovation

The potential of technology in transforming  humanitarian assistance has been recognized for sometime now. But the use of technology has … More

Tracing for the people

All over the world contact tracing apps have been developed as digital responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are designed … More

The devil is in the detail

During the lecture this week we heard a presentation about the Ketju contact tracing application. Given the sensitive nature of … More